Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wood graining and transfer techniques-wooden mailbox


wooden mailbox
acrylic paints(white or light colors,brown,green,red,metalic gold)
sand paper
glaze medium
transfer medium
picture to transfer(colored photocopies of images)
wood grainer
1-Prepare the surface of the wood.Sand and paint white or light coloured acrylic colour.Make sure the wood has been sanded smooth and all of the dust wiped off.Apply 2 times.
and let dry.
2-How to transfer picture:
Cut out colored photocopies of image to be trasferred.
Apply transfer medium to the surface of the image.Let dry 30 minutes.Then apply medium again.Place image print-side down on the surface.Use finger gently push down the picture and push out thee wrinkles.Let dry overnight.Take a wet but not dripping washcloth and lay it across the back of the paper.Slowly and lightly begin pressing the washcloth around the paper until becomes more transparent.Start in the middle of the paper and peel off carefully.Work slowly and occasionally apply more water until another large layer of paper is gone.At this point as the image dries there is usually some bits of paper left leaving a sort of white haze.Start process of wetting and rubbing over again until the images is crisp and clear.
3-Wood graining technique:Apply brown acrylic base colour and let it dry.Apply a generous coat of glaze and don't worry about working quickly. The glaze dries slowly, so mistakes can be simply brushed out.Put a thick coat of a contrasting colour(red,green and yellow)of acrylic paint onto the surface. Quickly begin pulling the wood graining tool down through the wet paint,starting at the top and pulling completely down to the bottom.Keep repeating this step.Don't stop in the middle. Run the wood graining tool across the surface until the finish looks pleasing and let it dry.
4-Apply a coat of sealer for protection.

Monday, January 26, 2009

One stroke painting and stencil technique -box

Wooden box
sand stone
stencil brush
Acrylic paints or enamels paints(folk art)
Brushes_one stroke,flat no10-12,script liner
Metalic acrylic paint(gold)
Hi-shine glaze lacquer-like, high gloss finish

1-Prepare the surface the box.Lightly sand . Apply base coat acrylic paint.Let it dry.Sand again.Apply second coat metalic pearl white acrylic paint.
2-Paint metalic gold.
3-One stroke painting method is a decorative painting technique that concentrates on loading the brush two colors instead of light and dark.It is a technique and anyone can learn the paint.
4- Paint with double loaded colors and larger roses or buds first, and then fill with leaves.
5-Stencil:Press stencil firmly on the wood and use stencil brush to daub paint into stencil..Lift corner of stencil carefully,wait for first stencil to dry before repating technique.
6-Apply hi-shine glaze.