Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One stroke pansies

Wooden plate
Folk art acrylic colors
Folk art one stroke brushes
Sand stone
1-Lightly sand the surface of the wooden plate and remove the dust.
2-Paint metalic pearl color in two coats.Let it dry.
3-How to paint pansies:Pansies are very easy to draw.
For double loading, dip one corner of the bristles in light color and then the other corner in dark color. The two colors should meet a little in the middle of the brush.Paint pansies and leaves with double loading colors.One stroke painting is a technique and anyone can learn.
4-Apply a coat of sealer.
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Polly said...

These are absolutely gorgeous!! I have always wanted to paint. My daughter is an artist, but I do well to draw a stick figure!!

Anonymous said...

This site is beautiful.

bahar006 said...

Ahşap boyamayla ilgileniyorsun demek, ben de çok seviyorum, ellerine sağlık:)