Friday, September 5, 2008

Crackle Finish Technique and transfer technique

Faux painting finishes
Crackle is a faux painting finish,by using two different varnishes(crackle medium and crackle varnish 2-available from craft and paint stores).You can be used on wood,biscuit ceramic,metal and polyster.


wooden table
acrylic paints(cream and brown)
sand paper
picture to trasfer(colored photocopies of images)
transfer medium
crackle medium
crackle varnish 2
oil paints,
1.Prepare the surface of the wood.Sand and always paint white or light colored acrylic color.Apply 2 times.
2.Transfer technique;Cut out images to be transferred.
3.Apply medium to the surface.Let dry 20 minutes.Then apply medium again.Place image print-side down on the surface.Use the finger gently push down the picture and push out the wrinkles.Let dry at least 4 hours or overnight.
4.Take a wet but not dripping washcloth and lay it across the back of the paper and wait for a minute. Slowly and lightly begin pressing the washcloth around the paper until becomes more transparent . Start in the middle of the paperand peel off carefully. Work slowly and occasionally apply more water until another large layer of paper is gone. At this point as the image dries there is usually some bits of paper left leaving a sort of white haze.Start the process of wetting and rubbing over again until the images is crisp and clear.
5.Crackle finish:Apply crackle varnish-2 one coat.Paint lightly and in one direction only.Don't go over the same area twice with your paint brush.Let dry
6.Apply crackle medium.To create small cracks,use a thin coat.If you'd prefer larger cracks,apply a thicker coat.Let dry.
7.Apply a matte or satin finish.(sealer)

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