Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Decoupage book box and wood graining technique

Decorative paint technique:Wood Grainig technique and decoupage
Decoupage book box


wooden book box
acrylic paints(black and metalic gold)
decoupage glue
glazing medium
colored photocopy of image
wood graining tool
1-Sand the surfaces to remove any rough areas, sanding in the direction of the wood grain. Remove all traces of sanding dust.
2-Apply two coats of black acrylic paint base coat.Let it dry.
Wood grain:Add the glaze mixture to the paints(metalic gold) that have been mixed.
Quickly begin pulling the comb down through the wet paint, starting at the top and pulling completely down to the bottom. Make sure to comb through all the wet paint that has been put up. Keep repeating this step. Don't worry about working quickly. The glaze dries slowly, so mistakes can be simply brushed out.Run the wood graining tool across the surface until the finish looks pleasing.Paint pages of the book with gold paint.Let it dry.
4-Decoupage:Cut out picture(colored photocopoy).Brush backside of the picture with decoupage glue or medium.Apply to the box and smooth out any air bubbles.Brush with more glue on the top,Then let it dry.
5-Apply varnish.


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