Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gold- leaf and decoupage technique-project for christmas

Project for Christmas
Gold leaf and decoupage plate(tray)


Wooden plate or tray
Color copies of whatever images you chosse to use
acrylic paints(metalic gold)
sand stone
decoupage glue
gold leaf adhesive
gold,silver leaf(roll)

1-Sand the wooden plate.Apply base coat acrylic paint.Let it dry.Sand again.Apply second coat acrylic paint.
2-Cut out colored copies of images and decide how you want them placed on the plate.You can begin brush backside of the picture with decoupage glue or medium.Apply to the plate and smooth out any air bubbles.Brush with more glue on the top,Then let it dry.
3-Apply the gold-leaf adhesive whatever you want leaf to go.The adhesive will look milky when applied, but will dry clear and without visible brush strokes.Let the adhesive dry for about 10 minutes until tacky to the touch.Apply gold and silver leaf and brush the excess leaf from the surface.You can distress, decorate, or overpaint the leaf.
4-Apply varnish.
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