Sunday, August 24, 2008

decoupage box

Decoupage Gift box
wooden box
acrylic paints(metalic gold,red and green)
decoupage glue
decoupage paper
scissor or craft knife
sand paper
hi-shine glaze(sprey)
1-Sand the box.Apply acrylic paint(metalic gold)(apply green acrylic paint inside of the box.).Let it dry. Apply 2 times.
2-Cut out pictures.
3-Brush backside of the picture with decoupage glue or medium.Apply to the box and smooth out any air bubbles.Brush with more glue on the top and repeat with more pictures until the box is covered. Then let it dry.
4-Apply hi-shine glaze(sealer)
5-Glue the beans on the top of the box.

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