Tuesday, September 30, 2008

decoupage crackle finish-decorative box

Decoupage-crackle finish technique


wooden box
acrylic paints(brown,cream,metalic gold
colored photocopy
decoupage glue
sand paper
crackle medium
crackle varnish 2
oil paints-linseed oil
1-Sand the box,remove the dust with a tack cloth or damp rag.Apply acrylic paint(cream color on the top)(apply brown acrylic paint inside of the box.).Let it dry. Apply 2 times.
2-Decoupage:Cut out picture.
3-Brush backside of the picture with decoupage glue or medium.Apply to the box and smooth out any air bubbles.Brush with more glue on the top,Then let it dry.
4-Crackle finish:Apply crackle varnish-2 one coat.Paint lightly and in one direction only.Don't go over the same area twice with your paint brush.Let dry.Apply crackle medium.To create small cracks,use a thin coat.If you'd prefer larger cracks,apply a thicker coat.Let dry.Wait the recommended drying time.
5-Apply oil paint over the crackling medium.Then wipe off the excess paint with linseed oil.
6-Apply two coats of varnish for protection.

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Lynn said...

I have been wanting to do a finish like this on some easter eggs I have decoupaged. Years ago I had the product that make it look like this porcelain cracking but nothing I use now will do that. They all want it to crack back and reveal the under coat instead of letting the dark glaze you apply on top of the project crackle and you just apply the "antique" glaze and wipe off the excess. That sounds like what you are doing. What products are you using. Apparently I'm not using what I need to be. Yours is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. Lynn