Tuesday, September 23, 2008

paper napkin decoupage lamp

paper napkin decoupage lamp

ceramic lamp
decorative napkins
glass cleaner
paper towels
napkin decoupage glue
paints(acrylic colors)-white,gold
hi-shine glaze

1.Prepare the surface of the ceramic.Sand andclean with glass cleaner. Paint white colored acrylic paint in two coats.Let dry.

2. Cut out all the pictures to be used in the lamp. Use fine scissors to carefully cut out the designs you want from the paper napkins. Separate the napkin layers and carefully take off the top layer.Place the napkin onto the surface of the ceramic lamp and brush some decoupage medium over the center.Press out any bubbles (eliminate wrinkles)Let dry.
3-Apply hi-shine glaze
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TSB said...

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flygal61 said...

What a very unique idea. I have never seen this done and seems like it would be so easy. What a great way to dress up an ordinary lamp. Thank you for sharing. Karen of Backyard Casual

kama.zahara said...

dear aida..
i would like very much to know where to get those decorative paper napkins.

very much appreciated if i could get the info at the earliest convenience.. thank you

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